Exercise your brain with this fun set of 18 IQ games and fun quizzes! Try to concentrate while solving these tricky riddles cause discipline helps deal with tasks faster. With these fun brain games, you can improve your logical skills and attentiveness. Try to crack all of these tricky puzzles and share your answers in the comments below:

00:14 – This short but tricky task will help you understand if you have a real talent for being a spy or a special agent. This logic riddle is a challenge for your brain that will definitely boost your logic and increase your brain power!
01:39 – A difficult crime riddle that will increase your detective skills and boost your brain power! Try to solve it and find the killer before the time is up 😉
03:49 – A cool set of picture puzzles to test how well you can read people and spot even the smallest details! It’s a hard level one so you will have to strain your eyes a lot!
05:17 – A tricky riddle with the answer that will surprise you! I wonder how many of you will guess the right answer before the time is up 😉
06:42 – Hey, what’s there? A set of picture puzzles only a pro would crack! Only one of the women has a baby while the others are definitely smuggling something. Tell me which one is real!
07:51 – A tricky crime riddle that can become your first successful case, Assistant Detective! Of course, if you turn on your logic and carefully study the evidence😉🕵 Have you already spotted the liar?
09:21 – A set of tricky picture puzzles to warm up your brain and prepare your for more complicated brain teasers 👽 I failed all of them except the first one, but I hope you will do better than me!
11:32 – Who is poor? A bunch of visual puzzles that will test your logical thinking and analytical skills.
12:38 – Who is lying? A visual brain teaser to boost your brain activity and increase your logical thinking!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last puzzle!

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