6 NEW GYM HACKS YOU HAVE TO KNOW! Part 2 – Tips for better workouts

6 Gym hacks which definitely will help you in the gym!

In this video, I’m showing you six gym and fitness life hacks and tips which will make it easier for you during your workouts in the gym.The hacks are:

1. Put ice cubes in your shaker so that you will have an ice cold BCAA to drink during or after your workout!
2. Use pull straps as handles on the barbell when doing front squats. This will release some pressure on your hand wrists and will also give you a better balance.
3. When your shoelaces are too long, just tie them around your foot ankle and back to the front side.
4. Place a small weight plate under your weighted barbell to easily remove the weights.
5. Place two barbells in the squat rack to customize your own dip station.
6. Don’t want smelly shoes? Place tea bags in them after a workout, leave them for the night and they will have a fresh smell the next day! The tea will absorb a lot of moisture and smell.
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