8 Popular Exercise That Don’t Work At All

How to tone up your body? It’s hard enough finding the time and motivation to hit the gym. So props to you if you’ve managed to get past that initial hurdle! But what if the exercises you’re doing are doing nothing for you? Yep, sometimes the most popular fitness exercises are far from the most effective, and they can even cause irreparable harm to our health, especially if you do them the wrong way.

Do you like Smith Machine squats? But few people know that it makes you move in an unnatural way what increases your risk of a lower back or knee injury! So Bright Side prepared for you a list of popular but useless (and sometimes dangerous!) exercises along with safer replacements.

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Dumbbell-Loaded Side Bends 0:25
Standing Chest Fly 1:21
Smith Machine Squats 2:04
Exercising With Extremely Light Dumbbells 2:54
Leg Extensions 3:26
Back Extensions with Added Weight 4:06
Crunches 5:02
The Elliptical 5:52

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– When you do side bends while holding a dumbbell in each hand, you’re basically wasting your time. Each dumbbell counterbalances the other, so straightening up doesn’t require much muscle effort. Plus, this exercise puts a lot of strain on your spine and the tissues that serve as shock absorbers.
– Many fans of the Standing Chest Fly believe that the motion of closing and opening their arms in front of them works their chest muscles. Sadly, it’s far from the truth if you do this while standing. This exercise does nothing for your chest. It only stresses the rotator cuffs in your shoulders.
– If you don’t follow the “overload principle,” which means you challenge your muscles to the max, you won’t gain strength or build muscle mass. Of course, using cute little lightweight dumbbells definitely won’t harm you. But they also won’t be of any use at all.
– When you sit on the leg extension machine, you work your legs separately from the rest of your body. This is unnatural since your legs weren’t designed to move so much weight upwards.
– When you use a hyperextension bench, you can overarch your lower back all too easily. This is particularly risky for those who have excess abdominal fat or an inborn exaggerated curve. And if you decide to do this exercise while holding a weight plate, you dramatically increase your risk of injury.
– It’s a common misconception that doing a bunch of crunches is your ticket to a stronger core and a rocking six-pack. But experts are sure that no matter how many crunches you do, this won’t rid you of stubborn belly fat.
– The elliptical does burn calories, and it can even make your heart a bit stronger. But it doesn’t boost your fitness level at all. The only reason you might want to use this equipment is if you have an injury and can’t walk, run, or climb stairs.

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