Arlington Arts & Crafts | Details Make the House Beautiful: 3815

The journey of the Vermont marble continues from the cave to the counters. Richard watches as fabricator Roberto Martinez and his crew install the largest piece of marble at the kitchen island. Nothing says New England like a fieldstone wall. Kim, our landscape architect, calls for one that starts in the front yard and bends down along the driveway. Kevin finds Roger and his team laying the first giant stones for the wall. There is much more involved than just stacking rocks. Upstairs, Kevin finds Mark Pehrson hanging textured wallpaper over a wall that contains a secret door. What was once the master bedroom closet has now been switched to an upstairs foyer closet, but the homeowners want to cover it with a door that blends with the wall. In the basement, Richard looks at the finished radiant floor heating as well as a new state of the art air conditioning and supplemental heating system. The mechanical room wall is well organized and all hot water pipes, valves and pumps are labeled for the homeowners’ reference. Fresh air ventilation is needed in the super tight space and Richard explains how the system works. Finally, the dog gets her own door as Tommy and Kevin install an extra-large dog door in an exterior wall of the mudroom. Soleil stops by to give it a try.