Best DIY Graduation Gifts that are easy, simple and affordable!

Hiii Guys!!!

Welcome back to my channel. For today, I am sharing how to DIY 3 super easy and simple graduation gifts that are also affordable! I know I am a bit late on the graduation train, but my little one is about to graduate from kindergarten, so I thought it would be nice to share with you all what I am giving her, plus, this might give some of you some inspiration for your future graduates as well.

Here are the supplies that I used, where I purchased my items and the total cost:

DIY 1: Candy Lei
– 1 pack of candies from Dollar Tree for $1, or you can go to Wal-Mart, Target, or any other store that sells candies. I only used one pack of the Weather’s Original Carmel Filled candies that had about 10 pieces in it, but you can definitely add more candies to make yours longer.
– Ribbons that I purchased from Dollar Tree for $1. You can choose which ever colors you want to use. This was the one I already had on hand.
– Clear wrap. Mine was approximately 20 inches long (you can make yours longer if you are making it for a bigger person) and I purchased it from Dollar Tree for $1.
– Scissor was from TJ Maxx for about $5??, or you can buy one from Dollar Tree for $1.
Total cost: $4 if you need to purchase all the supplies, otherwise it would be less than $4. Or it can be more expensive if you add more candies to it.

DIY 2: Money Lei
– Money Bills of your choice. I used a total of 10 ones $10
– Ribbon (same as the previous one). $1
– Clear Tape from Dollar General was about $1.89, but its cheaper to buy from Dollar Tree if you do not have any on hand for $1.
– Scissor (same as previous one).
Total cost: $13-$14 if you needed all the supplies (but if you’re using the same items from above and, or have the supplies on hand, this should technically cost only $10, unless you want to add more bills on to it).

DIY 3: Candy Flower Bouquet
– 6 packs of candies from Dollar Tree for $6, or you can purchase from any other store that sells candies. I chose to use 6 packs of candies, but you can do more or less.
– Basket bag from Dollar Tree for $1. Comes in two packs, you will only need one.
– Skewers from Wal-Mart for about $1.50, or any store that sells skewers.
– Tissue paper, I chose to use 3 different colors, but you can stick with one if you want to save on cost. I had these on hand already, so I decided to use them. The pink one was from Target for $0.98, the gold one was from Party City for about $2, and the white one was from Dollar Tree for $1.
– Tape was from Wal-Mart for $1 or $1.98, but you can use whichever tape you have in hand. This was the one that I had already. Definitely use a tape similar to this, or duct tape for a stronger and more secure bond.
– Scissor (same as previous one).
Total cost: Around $14.50 (can be cheaper by using one type of tissue paper instead of 3 and if you already have most of the other supplies on hand. Or can be more expensive if buying more candies than 6 packs).

Let me know which one out of the three DIYS was your favorite. Mine is definitely the money lei! But all three are all amazing, unique, and wouldn’t go wrong as a graduation gift.

Thank you for dropping by! Have a blessed and wonderful day!

-Love, Evie

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