Ectomorph Workout: Skinny Guy Training Hacks To Build Muscle Faster & Increase Strength

Are you a skinny guy? Follow this to gain weight fast:

As a naturally skinny guy I’ve had to become a bit of a mad muscle building scientist to achieve my current physique. I’m making a big push to get to 210 lbs. with 8 percent body fat – and that means I’ve had to reassess everything I have done over the last few years.

Ectomorph Workout Hack #1: Less Is More!

I’ve been obsessed with getting bigger arms for the last year and after analyzing the strengths and weaknesses in my physique I reassessed my training philosophy.

My shoulders, traps, and chest seem to be growing at a much faster rate than my biceps. How is this possible – as I’m training my biceps 4-5 times per week?

I really had to go back to the bodybuilding principles with this one. How does a muscle grow and get stronger? You have to train with peak intensity and create healthy micro-tears, and then allow it ample time to rebuild and repair. If you are training a muscle almost every day your body is going to get used to this routine.

Your body is also not getting enough rest to make rapid lean muscle gains.

Ectomorph Workout Hack #2: Pre Exhaust Training

Are you ready for a training principle that the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger implemented to get gigantic arms and tree trunk arms? Look no further than pre exhaust training!

I tried out this training principle about 2 months ago and instantly fell in love. In fact – the workout after doing this pre-exhaust training workout with my legs I increased my squat max by about 10 lbs.

Now that we have our training dialed in to once per week, we need to focus on what type of advanced training techniques we are going to utilize.

Watch the video to find out how to incorporate this advanced training technique into your routine.

Ectomorph Workout Hack #3: Intra Workout Shake

Instead of relying on stimulants and drinking them throughout my workout I switched to 100 percent anabolic fuel.

My new intra workout shake gives me energy during my workout and most importantly doesn’t increase my cortisol production.

I simply mix a whey protein blend (a mix of slow, medium, and fast digesting proteins), maltodextrin (a carbohydrate powder) and some creatine.

Watch the video to find out my exact recipe and how much of each ingredient you should put in your shake!

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