Kitchen Tools for the Pleasure Way Ascent Campervan.

This video responds to a viewer’s question about what Kitchen Tools we carry in our Pleasure Way Ascent Campervan.

Affiliate links mentioned:
Collapsible Mini Colander:
Meat Thermometer:
Oxo 4-Cup Measuring Cup:
Braun Hand Blender:
GSI Outdoor Bagaboo 10” Frypan:
Kuhn Rikon Durotherm 7” Casserole Pan:
Ridge Monkey XL non stick pan:
Hario Stainless Steel Goosneck Kettle:
TrashRac 5 gallon bags:
Round Parchment Liners:
3 qt instant pot:
Ekovana Insert pans for 3 Qt instant pot:
Lunies Hanging Trash Holder:

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