PROM NIGHT & Picking Van Kitchen Gadgets

Slowly starting to move into the Babe Bus and trying to sort essentials from non-essentials. I HATE cooking. HATE IT. Take a look at what I chose to bring…am I forgetting anything?
Thank you to my Patreon $upporters here at:
– White Retro 700 Watt Microwave:
Also Mint Green option:
Another Retro 700 W Option:
– Zero-G 50ft Hose:
– Clip On Garbage Lids:
– Fire Maple Kettle:
– Baby Safety Latches (require screwdriver):
*This brand doesn’t require hardware:
– Plastic Dinnerware for 6 (no noise/weight):
– Full Copper Chef Non-Stick Set: (**Note, I’m just bringing the sauce pot similar to this one( if you don’t want to buy the whole set**)
– Coleman Propane Burner: (pick up the propane at any big box store)
– Set of lighters:
– Hamilton Beach Rounded Toaster:
– Best Mattress in the Universe:
Van: Zinus 6″ Full Memory Foam:
Household use: Zinus 12″ Queen:
HOT SLEEPER MUST HAVE on ANY full foam mattress is this cooling cover:
Waterproof mattress cover, full encasement option: